10 Powerful Women

10 Powerful Women: 10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business is a business owner's Bible to understanding and marketing to the rapidly growing female-driven business world and marketplace. If you want to know how women think, do business with both men and women, and understand how women make buying choices, then you must read this insightful book.

In 10 Powerful Women, learn straight from 10 successful, experienced women business owners:

  • How women can think big to achieve BIG success
  • How women market, network and build relationships that produce powerful results
  • What women need to consider when building their businesses
  • How men and women can effectively reach and sell to the female marketplace
  • What these 10 Powerful Women have learned in business to help others succeed

Women-owned business is rapidly growing. Business owners and entrepreneurs who don't understand the value and importance of not only collaborating and working with women-owned business are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to leverage, benefit and grow from working with amazing women. Learn what makes women in business not only thrive but succeed - and learn how to build profitable relationships with women to make your business succeed, too.