7 Keys to Freedom

Building on the work of the great Napoleon Hill and our mentor Bob Proctor, this book expands on the Mind's Intellectual Faculties and beyond. The 7 Keys to Freedom are the appropriate use of Imagination, Memory, Reason, Perception, Intuition and Will. Masterminding is the 7th key. This book presents information that has never been presented before. Everyone has these keys to freedom in their possession and this is the book to help you develop and use them for your highest purpose and ultimate freedom.

To quote Bob Proctor:

"The entirety of this book is dedicated to a very serious subject that, when properly understood, can change your life for the better, forever. It deals with the uniqueness of you! The authors share their individual and combined efforts...you will not only read but be privy to the age-old wisdom that has impacted their lives, that they now openly share with you."