Who I am:

Gwen is the co-author of two books, 7 Keys to Freedom and, 10 Powerful Women. She has studied with, and is mentored by, one of today’s living masters of Mind Potential, Bob Proctor, best known for his commentary in the best selling book and movie The Secret. A visionary leader, Gwen is dedicated to helping women develop an authentic and successful self-image so they can break through their fears and achieve their dreams.

Gwen always felt that there was greatness within her just bursting to come out, but she lacked self-worth and self-esteem to allow herself to really soar. It was stumbling upon George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself,” that gave her wings and opened her eyes to the immense possibilities of creating a life of unlimited potential. It was this newfound mantra that not only propelled Gwen on a meaningful journey to find her life’s purpose, but ultimately proved to be the catalyst for her to inspire others.

After deconstructing and rebuilding the limiting paradigms and beliefs that held her back, she has become an expert on turning fear into freedom and a passionate voice on living fearlessly in life and business. She is known for encouraging radical changes to bring about true life fulfillment.

Gwen believes that we serve ourselves and others best when we stay in the present moment, when we love ourselves, when we treat ourselves with kindness and when we are grateful for all that we have at this very moment. There is nothing more that we need right now. And whatever it is you want more of then be grateful for what you do have, and you will see beautiful changes take place within yourself and everything around you.

Repeatedly joking that she is pathologically optimistic, Gwen frequently finds the humor in life’s most challenging moments.